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My name is Monisha and I am a freelance Portrait & Candid Wedding photographer based in India. Having graduated from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, UK; I specialized in People Photography. It was during this course of time that I realized why I wanted to become a photographer. There is no better feeling in the world than being able to capture unforgettable moments, giving people something amazing to remember.

I absolutely love creating some thing new every time as every shoot is unique in is own way. I have always felt that photographs help capture all the simple things that we tend to overlook in reality.

My style of photography is offbeat, it not only embodies who I am as an artist but more importantly captures people in their natural element.

All I need is a beautiful white canvas to paint on!

'You can't get hung up on what you think your "real" destination is. The journey is just as important."- Steve McCurry

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